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N-Metyltryptamin (NMT), är en tryptamin som återfinns i många växter som innehåller DMT, exempelvis olika arter av Virola, Acacia och Mimosa.

Det är oklart om NMT har psykoaktiv effekt eller ej, det finns både källor som pekar för och emot. 4-HO-analogen av NMT (metabolit av Baeocystin) är däremot psykoaktiv.

To my knowledge there have been no reports of oral activity of NMT, although its wide availability from botanic sources has encouraged some explorers to assay it. I have had one report that the smoking of 50-100 mg gave visuals that lasted for maybe 15 seconds.
— Alexander Shulgin [1]
The following research was conducted 2000-2001.

Phyllodes and (thin strips of) bark of A. obtusifolia were collected from roadside populations (being careful to do as little permanent damage as possible to the trees.) A total alkaloid content of 0.3% (fresh material) was obtained which GCMS determined consisted mainly of monomethyl-tryptamine (NMT) & dimethyltryptamine at a 2:1 ratio. A small amount of presumed Leptocladine (beta-carboline) was present but no reference sample was available.

NMT was separated from the other alkloids by column and paper chromatography using aqueous methanol(10%)/dichloromethane 1:9 (after considerable trial & effort).

In most attempts NMT would not crystalize easily and was usually seen as a white or yellow oil (darkening with exposure to air).

Crystalized samples were subjected to bio-assay by 3 experienced voluntary subjects, in control set and setting conditions.

Upon vapourization of the pure material, it was found that monomethyl-tryptamine has entheogenic effects, becoming noticeable after 3-5 minutes, attaining full strength for 30-45 seconds, and gradually disappearing over 45-70 minutes. No negative or lingering side effects were noted. It was roughly estimated at 1/3 the potency of DMT. It is possible that at very high doses some MAO inhibition may occur (as is the case with 5meoDMT).

The instigating test subject describes it's subjective effects as differing from DMT in being: "...not so much a visual or auditory entheogen, although there were some visuals, but rather a 'Spatial hallucinogen'...imagine you could 'feel' but not see an Escher world...


The entheogenic effects of NMT could be described as 'spatial sense' orientated, as well as 'memory/thought locational'. Visual effects (mainly closed eyed) occurred on larger vaporized doses (90-120mg) or when taken orally with MAOIs, and seemed directly synaesthetically related to the predominant spatial and memory/thought aspects. Larger vaporized doses also produced a 30-45 second peak of vary rapid visual phenomena beginning at 2-5 minutes, described by one subject as 'more far-out than DMT', though not overwhelming in strength. Auditory perception was greatly enhanced, without pitch or distortion effects. Music was described as sounding 'amazing' whilst apparently unchanged. There were predominantly enhanced cognitive and 'emphathogenic' effects until baseline. All subjects reported a feeling of enhanced 'clarity' afterwards, and said that they would try it again. Lower doses were found to be an effective meditation tool by some, with no visual activity. It was noticed that retention of spatial memory in darkness navigation tests seemed improved, though it was not possible to conduct formal experiments at the time.


- there were no 'DMT'-like effects of NMT as such, except for the physical sensations, and as described a 'tryptamine headspace', without obvious perceptual effects,except sense of space

- the effects were noticeable at 90-100mg and above vaporised, being not visual, and primarily physical in a way that was described as 'spatial', as well as an altered sense of cognition which suited meditative focus, though some have also described it as 'odd', and others as inwardly reflective

- above 100mg there were in a few cases rapid visuals which lasted for about 15-30 seconds, there is at least one other similar report of this (Shulgin)

- there definitely seemed to be a strong synergistic interaction between NMT and DMT which extended and modified DMT, particularly in physical and spatial ways..the hypothesised synergy between these tryptamines seems to create a very enhanced effect in acacias and other plants in which the two occur simultaneously, when enough NMT is present

- NMT on its own had an action that, while not psychedelic in the usual visual/auditory use of that term, was altering consciousness in ways that may prove useful
— nen888[2]


N-metyltryptamin, NMT
87 - 89C
174.245 g/mol
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