Innehåller: p-Kloro-N-(2-morfolinoetyl)bensamid

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Läkemedel som bl.a förekommer under namnet Aurorix

Reversibel MAO-hämmare som kan användas i en s.k Pharmahuasca, där en medicinsk MAO-hämmare tas tillsammans med ren DMT.

Aurorix är en tablett, 150 mg, 14,7×7,7 mm, ljusgul, oval, bikonvex, med brytskåra, märkt ROCHE 150.

Moclobemide is a pharmaceutical, reversible MAOI that has far fewer food restrictions associated with it and has been used by some in their non-medical exploration of sacred cactus, however there is far too little data about these experiments to say it is safe. Moclobemide is probably the pharmaceutical MAOI most widely used for unapproved experiments with psychoactives, yet there is still far too little data: one would want hundreds or thousands of clear reports of the combinations, not just a few dozen lightly documented cases. The variability between individuals and plant sources are just too great to suggest 'safety'.

It is often said that moclobemide is less 'sedating' and more 'stimulating' in its effects than the harmala alkaloid MAOIs, but it is unclear what this might mean for health safety issues.
— Trout[1]

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