Magic Liberty Cap Hunters Guide


Magic - Nordic Liberty Cap Hunter's Field Guide is a guide about liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata). It contains detailed information on how to find and identify this and other common mushrooms sharing the same habitat.

Observe that this is not an official guide from Magiska Molekyler. The guide was created and distributed by Den Kosmiska Skrattaren (other names on other forums) between 2013 - 2015, with contributions, translation to Swedish and photos by other users of Magiska Molekyler and other forums.

A printed version was sold in certain online book stores and directly to members of the community. A few copies was also sent to some prominent persons like the Swedish former minister of justice, the queen etc...

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Language Title Download link
English Magic - Nordic Liberty Cap Hunter's Guide PDF, 2MB
Finnish Taika - kenttäopas taikasienivalokuvaajille Docplayer or Psilosybiini. PDF, 8MB.
Finnish Taikasalvia - aloittelevan kasvattajan opas Docplayer. PDF, 1.4MB
Swedish Magi - En Fälthandbok för fotografer av magiska svampar Docplayer. PDF, 8.5MB


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