Phragmites australis

Namn: Vass

Innehåller: DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, bufotenin och gramin

Generell information

Detta är den vass som vi oftast hittar vid strandkanten av sjöar, åar, dammar och andra blöta områden. Kan förväxlas med Phalaris arundinacea (Rörflen) som har bredare blad och mer kompakta vippor (gräsets blommor). Vass har ett bettmärke på bladet som underlättar identifieringen. Se foto

Om innehållet

De aktiva ämnena finns i rötterna (rotstammar) och vipporna. Räkna med ytterst låga halter som även kan vara årstidsberoende.

The rhizome and flowers contain the alkaloids N,N-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, bufotenine, and gramine. Alkaloid content in the rhizome seems to be highest when it is grown in a submerged position.
— Wasel et al. (1985)[1]


Mängden bufotenin och gramin gör den möjligen olämplig för oralt bruk. Det finns få rapporterade extraheringar, några anger misslyckade försök med syra/bas-extrahering.

Här är en intressant men ej verifierad metod för oralt bruk av surt vattenextrakt med tillsatt MAO-hämmare:

I went out to a local marsh area and harvested about 700g of Phragmite rhizome (wet weight). I seperated out 200g (also wet weight) and shreded it. I then boiled it for 3 hours in filtered water and some lemon juice. Then I put it in a glass dish and evaporated it in an oven on low with the door open and then gelcapped it.

To be conservative I started with one gelcap equaling aprx. 25g wet weight. Of course 3g rue extracted likewise was ingested 20min beforehand. in as little as 4 minutes I noticed effects that began to distinguish themselves from the rue. I waited to confirm this and it was indeed a threshold dose. I proceeded to take another gelcap (hearafter 1gelcap equals 25g wet weight of Phragmites extracted) This one hit me in about 8 minutes. Vision became alive, everything was pulsating and vibrating. Auras were now present. Colors were intensified. All while my thinking was very clear.

After enjoying this for a bit I proceeded to take another gelcap and another one after that one in about 20min. I felt no strong effect from these next two gelcaps. This made me wonder if it is like smoked DMT where you have to take it all at once or it won't work. Seeing I doubled my dose w/o feeling a thing makes me think that it is very important to take doses very close to one another and at the begginging of the experience. The last 2 gelcaps I used seemed to only lengthen the experience, not increase the intensity.
— Phragmites communis (AKA P. Australis)[2]

Christian Rätsch beskriver också bruk tillsammans med MAO-hämmare för att bilda en ayahuascaanalog och inkluderar en av de få kända rapporterna:

Reports about the psychoactive effects of Phragmites australis are based almost exclusively on experiences with ayahuasca analogs that are composed of the root extract, lemon juice, and Peganum harmala seeds. Unpleasant side effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) are usually mentioned (Eros 1995)


The fresh or dried rootstock (20 - 50 g) is boiled for at least fifteen minutes, combined with 3 g of Peganum harmala seeds, and drunk as an ayahuasca analog


“I boiled 45 g of roots of Phragmites australis for 15 minutes to make a tea. I then ingested a normal dose of Peganum harmala, 3 g. It was the most exceptional and pristine experience of my life and definitely the most powerful trip with an ayahuasca analog that I had had to that point. Very visual, with awe-inspiring insights into myself and the world. God, what a day! Six hours full of mind-shattering insights and revelations. Unbelievable sensations of intense beauty. Visions of golden worlds beyond any conception. . . . I was emotionally deeply moved by the exquisiteness and beauty of the experience. . . . There was no nausea or other side effects.” ANONYMOUS “PHRAGMITES AUSTRALIS” (1995, 39)
— Christian Rätsch[3]

Externa länkar

  1. refererar till Wassel , G. M., S. M. El-Difrawy, and A. A. Saeed. 1985. Alkaloids from the rhizomes of Phragmites australis Cav. Scientia Pharmaceutica 53: 169–70.
  2. Phragmites communis (AKA P. Australis)
  3. Christian Rätsch bok "The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and its Applications." (1998)

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