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MMDA kan skapas genom aminering av den eteriska oljan myristicin.

Claudio Naranjo skriver i boken "The Healing Journey" om sin forkning om MMDA som verktyg i psykedelisk terapi. MMDA besitter önskvärda egenskaper för detta ändamålet. [1].

MMDA är narkotikaklassad i Sverige.

Effekt / dosering

Effekten liknar inte den som "kusinerna" MDA och MDMA ger. MMDA ger mindre stimulering, mera CEV:s och effekten är drömlik.

Oral dosering: 100 - 250 mg

"(Om muskotolja:) The substance myristicin is the major component of this fraction, and if it were to undergo the transformation parallel to that proposed for elemicin, a second amphetamine, 3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxy amphetamine (MMDA), would result."

"This latter amphetamine has been synthesized from myristicin in vitro, by a three-step process. trans-Isomyristicin, obtained from myristicin by heating in alcoholic potassium hydroxide, is converted by means of tetranitromethane to ß-nitro isomyristicin. Reduction of this nitropropene with LiAlH4 led smoothly to MMDA, which was isolated as the hydrochloride. Examination of MMDA in mice and dogs displayed a behavioural and toxicological pattern similar to that of TMA, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Preliminary human evaluation revealed initial intoxication at about 1.0 mg/kg (as free base). More extensive assay has confirmed a thoroughly effective hypnogogic dementia at less than 2.0 mg/kg. The psychotomimetic syndrome was complete at this level: increased dosages (to 3.2 mg/kg) merely prolonged the duration of the episode. Thus the potency of MMDA is somewhat greater than TMA and nearly three times greater than mescaline." Källa: [2]


133-134 °C (HCl)
209.2417 g/mol
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LD50 ligger någonstna runt 100mg/kg [3]


  • MMDA-2 (2-Metoxi-4,5-metylendioxyamfetamin
  • MMDA-3a (2-Metoxi-3,4-metylendioxyamfetamin
  • MMDA-3b (4-Metoxi-2,3-metylendioxyamfetamin

Externa länkar

  2. 3-Methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxy Amphetamine a New Psychotomimetic Agent
  3. Animal Pharmacology and Human Psychopharmacology of MMDA

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