Ipomoea parasitica

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Art i släktet Ipomoea. Har blå blommor.

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"Lysergol, elymoclavine and three other van Urk-positive alkaloids were identified by 2D chromatography in the seed extract of Ipomoea parasitica. The presence of the same ergoline alkaloids was also demonstrated in vegetative tissue of I. parasitica. Heliothis virescens larvae reared on a diet containing an alkaloid extract of I. parasitica showed an increase in the consumption index and a reduction in the effiency of conversion of food. No difference was observed in the approximated digestibility. The percentages of pupation and emergence were reduced and the malefemale ratio was altered in insects fed on a diet containing the alkaloid extract of I. parasitica or lysergol. The increases in the concentration of ergoline alkaloids in I. parasitica at the seedling stage and at flowering support the theory that these compounds play a defensive role against herbivory in the plant.". [1]

Halten av ergotalkaloider i I. parasitica uppges vara 0.16%. [2]

Externa länkar

  1. Allelochemical effects of ergoline alkaloids from Ipomoea parasitica on Heliothis virescens
  2. New sources of ergoline alkaloids within the genus Ipomoea

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