Ipomoea asarifolia

Namn: Ginger-leaf morning glory (eng)

Innehåller: Ergotalkaloider

Generell information

Art i släktet Ipomoea som finns i två varianter. En med vita blommor och en med röda/rosa blommor.

Om innehållet

I. asarifolia (vit) 7.0ug/g i blad och stammar, 370ug/g i frön. I. asarifolia (röd) 11.3ug/g i blad och stammar.

Ergotalkaloiderna tros komma från parasitsvampar som sprider sig med fröna.

Källa 1

"data obtained by HPLC-MS analysis (data not shown) and determination of alkaloid content of both types by the Van Urk technique (Table 1) show that the red I. asarifolia contains twice the amount of alkaloids present in the white variety, and while lysergic acid-R-hydroxy ethylamide and its isomer are the main components in the red variety, it is only a minor component in the white variety, in which chanoclavine, lysergic acid amide, and its isomer as well as ergonovine are dominating constituents."

"We have previously shown that a clavicipitaceous fungus (IasaF13) occurring on the white-blooming I. asarifolia plant very likely is responsible for the accumulation of ergoline alkaloids within the plant. The fungus was provisionally named IasaF13, is seed-transmitted, hitherto noncultivable on synthetic media, occurs on the adaxial leaf surface, and contains genetic material required for the synthesis of ergoline alkaloids (Markert and Leistner, unpublished).18,28 The presence of alkaloids within the plant shoots can be predicted from the presence of mycelium on the adaxial leaf surface of leaf buds"

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Källa 2

The following alkaloids were detected in both I. asarifolia and T. corymbosa: chanoclavine (Fig.1A), lysergic acid-α-hydroxyethylamide and its isomer, lysergic acid amide and its isomer and ergonovine. In addition T. corymbosa contains agroclavine and elymoclavine. The fungi, which are provisionally named IasaF13 (present on I. asarifolia) and TcorF01 (present on T. corymbosa), are visible to the naked eye on the adaxial leaf surface (Ahimsa-Mueller et al., 2007).

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Externa länkar

  1. Clavicipitaceous Fungi Associated with Ergoline Alkaloid-Containing Convolvulaceae
  2. Biosynthesis and Accumulation of Ergoline Alkaloids in a Mutualistic Association between Ipomoea asarifolia (Convolvulaceae) and a Clavicipitalean Fungus

Elimination of ergoline alkaloids following treatment of Ipomoea asarifolia (Convolvulaceae) with fungicides

Entry for Ipomoea asarifolia (Desr.) Roem. & Schult.

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