Amanita pantherina

Namn: Panterflugsvamp, panterfläckig flugsvamp

Innehåller: muskimol, ibotensyra, muskarin (giftig), muscazon, muscaridin

Generell information

Panterflugsvamp förekommer allmänt i södra och mellersta Sverige mellan sommar och höst i blandskog, lövskog och parker. Ofta tillsammans med ek och bok[1][2].

Arten används i rusgivande syfte på samma sätt som sin släkting röd flugsvamp[3].

En del studier pekar på att panterflugsvamp är betydligt potentare och innehåller högre koncentration ibotensyra än röd flugsvamp[4].


Hatt: 5-12 cm bred, unga exemplar halvklotformad, men mer välvd till utbredd med åldern. Färgen är gråbrun till olivbrun med vita grynliknande hyllerester som kan spolas bort av regn. Hattkanten är strimmig. Hatthuden går att dra av.

Skivor: Tätt växande fria vita skivor

Fot: 6-10 cm hög, 1-2 cm i diameter. Vit, ihålig, med tunn ring som lätt lossnar.

Sporer: Vita

Kan förväxlas med bl.a:

  • Gråfotad flugsvamp (A. excelsa) vars hatt är gråbrun, hyllerester gråa, fotknöl utan kant, tydligt fårad ring.
  • Grå kamskivling (Amanita vaginata) som har strumpa, tydligt fårad hattkant, ingen fotring.
  • Brun flugsvamp, (A. regalis) som har gulfärgat kött under hatthuden.
  • Rodnande flugsvamp A. rubescens som rodnar vid skada.[1][2]

Panterflugsvampen har kritvita hylleplättar, inte gråaktiga som bl.a. rodnande flugsvamp och Gråfotad flugsvamp har. Den skall även ha ha en volva (strumpa) vilket gör att man kan skilja den från Rodnande flugsvamp.

Var noga med identifieringen!


I princip okänd. Vissa studier pekar på att A. pantherina innehåller 3-5 gånger mer ibotensyra än andra flugsvampsläktingar. [5]. Artikeln om flugsvamp innehåller mer information om innehållet i A. pantherina.

Observera att den måste tillredas på samma sätt som Amanita muscaria för att omvandla ibotensyra till muskimol.


Muskimol agerar som GABAA-agonist. Effekten liknar den man får av alkohol.


Rapporterade effekter

  • hallucinationer
  • illamående
  • kräkningar
  • rastlöshet
  • hjärtklappning
  • förhöjt blodtryck
  • torr hud, rödflammighet
  • utvidgade pupiller
  • andningssvikt

Källa: Łukasik-Głebocka M, Druzdz A, Naskret M. (2011)[6]

Beskrivning av en upplevelse

In the spring of 1975, after completing the above survey, I collected some early specimens of Amanita pantherina near Tenino, Washington. I sliced and sauteed the mushrooms, and divided them into six portions, consisting of about one half cup of material each. The six portions were ingested by myself and five friends, one of whom ingested only half of a dose, the remaining half being ingested, along with a full portion, by another of my friends. All of us enjoyed the taste of the mushrooms.

After an hour had elapsed, I had concluded that the dosage level was too low, and had retired to my home to build a fire and study. About 90 minutes after ingestion, however, while hyperventilating into my wood stove in an attempt to start the fire, I noticed that I was experiencing changes in visual perception. These effects became stronger over the next hour or some, and were characterized by sensing an `alive quality' in inanimate objects, wavy motion in the visual field like a Van Gogh canvas (no color perception was associated with the motion, however, as is so commonly encountered following ingestion of LSD, psilocybin, or mescaline), and mild distortion of size, distance and depth perception. Auditory hallucination were also prominent -- especially the effect, called `anahata sounds' of yoga, of hearing fine high-pitched sounds like bells and violin strings. I experienced only slight impairment of motor coordination and balance, such as would be produced by a small amount of ethanol, equivalent to two or three bottles of beer. In contrast to the effect of ethanol, however, there was no slurring of speech or clouding of consciousness. While I felt as though my conciousness was somehow removed and distant from the surroundings, I experienced a sense of great clarity, as I often experience following ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. It seemed to me that the psychic effect were emanating from the `ajna chakra', the so-called `third eye' -- a locus above and between the eyes. I experienced no muscular spasms, cramps, vomiting, or nausea of any kind. The experience was totally pleasurable, and lasted about seven hours. I was struck by the unique quality of the effect whereas I find the psychic effects of LSD, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and peyote to be similar, to be, as it were, on a continuum of related experience, I felt the Amanita pantherina was distinctly different.

Of my five friends, two experienced slight nausea, and only one felt drowsy. This person slept for about an hour, and awoke feeling refreshed. Two of my friends alleged that they had never been so high on hallucinogenic drugs before. One of these friends, the person who ingested half again as much of the fried mushrooms as I, experienced a complete dissociative reaction, and was unable to communicate with the rest of the group for about five hours. While in this state, he was periodically attempting to articulate his thoughts, but was totally incapable of communication. During this phase of his intoxication, we were talking about this history of Amanita muscaria and urine ingestion in Siberia. The subject in the dissociated state later reported the experience of vivid waking dreams which were related, through bizarre imagery, to the topics of the conversations we had been conducting around him. After about five hours of dissociative experience, the subject began to reestablish contact with the rest of us and within 90 minutes was fully rational, though shaken and frightened. None of us experienced any after-effects.
— Amanita pantherina anecdote. Jonathan Ott[7]

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